How do you build community
around counter-
extremism in
Pakistan and Harry Potter online?

Global Natives is regularly engaged to answer these questions and more for innovative clients around the world.

We empower influential individuals and game changing organizations to: craft and tell their stories, create and grow their communities, and ultimately, move the needle on what they care most about.

From strategy through execution.
From online to off.
Every step of the way.

what we do

We are brand builders and storytellers, digital strategists and social activists, matchmakers and technologists. We have diverse backgrounds and global perspectives. We empower visionary thinkers to harness the power of the public to innovate and disrupt. We're really good at making big ideas accessible, or so our clients tell us so (obligatory humble brag now complete!).

Headquartered in London and with projects worldwide, we are hired to be disruptive, ask the hard questions, and push boundaries every step of the way.

We help high profile individuals, organizations, and ideas develop their businesses, tell their stories, and increase public engagement. We specialize in communications, and view this broadly, recognizing that communications touch points include everything from the product, idea, or service itself, to the way in which it is presented and made accessible. As a result, we work hand in hand with our clients on branding and messaging, content creation, digital production, product design and UX, supporting our clients every step of the way.

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featured clients

where we work

  • Detroit, USA
  • Edinburgh, UK
  • Goma, Congo
  • Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Kigali, Rwanda
  • London, UK
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • New York City, USA
  • Paris, France
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • San Francisco, USA
  • Valledupar, Colombia
  • Washington, DC, USA

We have and continue to have the unique pleasure of helping our clients communicate to and innovate among unique and global audiences around the world. These are cities where we've done focused client work in the past few years.

who we are

Daniel Teweles

connector of dots

Daniel has been connecting big ideas with even larger audiences around the world since his time as a student, and is now a leading innovator at the intersection of media, technology, activism, and business. Defined by his outgoing personality, insatiable curiosity, and ability to quickly get to the heart of matters, Daniel's known for asking the hard questions at the right times, while always having a little fun.

Daniel has a behind the scenes, actionable and operational understanding of what it takes to effect actionable change in today’s world, having previously held senior positions in technology, activism, media, diplomacy, and international development.

Daniel founded Global Natives to empower people with big ideas to create the change they envision. His work and opinions have been covered in publications ranging from the New York Times and Times of London, to the National Journal and ReadWriteWeb.

Daniel’s previous experience includes representing a foreign government and its propaganda in Washington, coordinating public infrastructure in east Africa, restructuring one of the world’s largest student movements, managing America’s largest political crowdsourcing platform, and leading business and product development at the intersection of technology and politics in the media industry.

Daniel’s quest for the perfect karaoke song remains unfulfilled, much to the dismay of innocent bystanders in pubs everywhere.


  • Member of the UK Trade & Investment Global Entrepreneur Programme
  • Advisory board member of Falling Whistles and Full Court Peace
  • Recipient of the US Congressional Medal of Merit
  • Ambassador for the Alliance of Youth Movements
  • Echenberg Human Rights Fellow at McGill University
  • Sandbox Network Fellow
Global Natives is made up of a small, hard working, fun having, often traveling, big thought thinking team of international all stars. With core competencies in business, communications, and digital strategy, film and digital production, project management, and pun making.


While we tend to be choosy about who we work with (we've found that most folks are looking for yes-men, and we're an agency that's a bit more... disruptive), if you're picking up what we're putting down, we always love to meet new people with big ideas. Please drop us a line via: